Martin Luther King

1963 and 2021: Then and Now

The date was April 16th of 1963, and Martin Luther King, Jr. sent out his now-famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”

Towards an enantiodromic approach to the universe. Jung, Pauli, ​and beyond …

Contemporary cosmology gives rise to an abundance of questions and models attempting to explain current paradoxes such as dark matter and energy, the total disappearance of antimatter, and the improbable alignment of the constants of physics that would allow our existence.

A series by Alain Negre

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La Nina

A Cooling Trend Drives Rain, Wind, and Fire

Even though La Niña is part of a natural cycle, it serves as a stark reminder of how interconnected our environment is. Changes in the Pacific Ocean impact cities on the Gulf Coast. Warming in the Arctic affects property owners in Miami as sea levels rise.

Marine Ecosystems, Drifting Away

Evolution is slower than short term species adaptation. Rapid environmental change means most species have only three options: adapt, migrate, or perish.

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