California Gray

California Gray

Part of the West Coast Shorelines Series

The northern coastline of California is an ever-changing landscape. A small tree-covered island is captured on a gray day. But even gray days in California have their charms along the Pacific coast. Subtle reds, greens, and purples provide contrast against the gray skies, with bad weather looming on the horizon.

This artwork was originally photographed and sketched in 2017 and the final composition was completed in 2021.

This art will be available as both crypto art and analog imagery behind glass. Both of these products are based on a high-resolution image and signed by the artist with all copyright watermarks removed. 

Crypto Art:

Market PlaceAvailable soon

The crypto art is unique and only listed via a single NFT (1 of 1)

Limited Series Analog Art

Art for both wall and tabletop display is available as a limited series with a total of 15 runs. Each piece of art is signed by the artist and numbered. 

Signature and series example

Venmo payment currently being integrated into the website. For immediate purchase contact me at Continental USA delivery fees are included in the price below.

Price:$330 USD
Width28.8 inches
Height21.6 inches
MediumImage behind glass*

Note * – Mounting and delivery by Fractureme

William House
William is an earth scientist and writer with an interest in providing the science "backstory" for breaking environmental, earth science, and climate change news.