Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks

Art on ArcheanWeb: Part of the West Coast Shorelines Series

An art exposé of Rockaway Beach, Oregon would not be complete without addressing the Twin Rocks. These two 100 foot tall monuments sit just offshore from pristine sand beaches. The rocks are eroded remnants of resistant basalts that were originally emplace about 15 to 20 million years ago. The volcanic activity forming these rocks was associated with the larger Columbia River Flood basalts, which cover much of northern Oregon. The formation on the left is known as an arch and the one on the right is a stack.

This work is based on a series of photos taken in 2020 and was created in 2021 using three separately processed images.


This piece of art is available as giclee prints on paper or on canvas. High-resolution versions of the image above are used in the printing process and the copyright watermark is removed.

Fine art giclee prints are available through Geo Galleries. The artwork is available in the following sizes:

  • 32″ by 24″ canvas
  • 24″ by 18″ print – framed and matted

Follow the link below for details on the giclee products:

Link to Geo Galleries

Glass Prints

This artwork is available as glass prints for both wall and tabletop displays. Delivery of the art-behind-glass is through Fractureme. For More information contact ArcheanWeb:

Feature Image: Twin Rocks – Part of the West Coast Shorelines Series – by WM House (Copyright Archean Enterprises, LLC 2021. All Rights Reserved) 

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