Art at ArcheanWeb: Part of the Negative Expanse Series

The morning fog rising off of the lake partially obscures a receding shoreline. Form blends into a mist, creating a mystical scene. We paint what is there and our minds fill in the rest.

This artwork was originally created as acrylic washes on a white canvas background. The digital modification breaks the negative space into swaths of fog and sky and draws the viewer’s eye to the center, where a small tree-studded, peninsula juts into the lake.


This piece of art is available as giclee prints on paper or on canvas. High-resolution versions of the image above are used in the printing process and the copyright watermark is removed.

Fine art giclee prints are available through Geo Galleries. The artwork is available in the following sizes:

  • 27″ by 18″ print with a 1″ white border
  • 27″ by 18″ print framed
  • 21″ by 14″ print with a 1″ white border
  • 27″ by 18″ canvas

Follow the link below for details on the giclee products:

Link to Geo Galleries

Glass Prints

This artwork is available as glass prints for both wall and tabletop displays. Delivery of the art-behind-glass is through Fractureme. For More information contact ArcheanWeb:

Feature Image: Mystical – Part of the Negative Expanse Series – by WM House (Copyright Archean Enterprises, LLC 2021. All Rights Reserved) 

William House
William is an earth scientist and writer with an interest in providing the science "backstory" for breaking environmental, earth science, and climate change news.