Mountain Water Over Quartz

Mountain Water Over Quartz

Art at ArcheanWeb: Part of the Mountains and Streams Series

There are reasons why landscape paintings and artwork are popular. Nature has a way of creating its own combinations of color and form that blend together life, water, geology, and motion. The dynamic way these components combine produces a certain beauty and grace.

Flowing streams spend millions of years cutting into the rock foundations of the earth. “Mountain Water Over Quartz” is a snapshot of water exposing solid bedrock shot through with veins of white quartz.


This piece of art is available as giclee prints on paper or on canvas. High-resolution versions of the image above are used in the printing process and the copyright watermark is removed.

Fine art giclee prints are available through Geo Galleries. The artwork is available in the following sizes:

  • 18″ by 24″ canvas

Follow the link below for details on the giclee products:

Link to Geo Galleries

Decorative Art through Etsy

  • 16″ x 20″ Wall Panel

Link to Etsy

William House
William is an earth scientist and writer with an interest in providing the science "backstory" for breaking environmental, earth science, and climate change news.