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An Exposé of Intrigue with Nature’s Minutiae

Nature and art have always been a dynamic duo since the first primitive Homo sapiens took to rubbing pigments onto cave walls. This combination often finds nature expressed in sweeping landscapes. But when we delve into nature’s minutiae, we see the world swirling and flowing in unexpected ways, creating unique art as the biosphere mingles with rock and water.

The word “rock” does not do justice to the unexpected patterns produced as geological forces bend and fold solid stone as if it were some type of putty. Some thirty to forty million years ago, the northwest coast of Oregon was a volcanic hotspot. From deep in the earth, magma pushed its way through cracks and crevices in the earth and spewed out on the seafloor as underwater volcanoes. This pushing and pulling also deformed the existing rocks, folding and bending them to form the flowing rocks in the image below.

Flowing Rock
Flowing Rock By WM House (©2021 Archean Enterprises, LLC – All Rights Reserved)

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