Shadows on the Wall

Shadows on the Wall

Art at ArcheanWeb: Part of the Negative Expanse Series

The evening sun, streaming across my back deck, paints an intricate two-dimensional profile from the shadow from a potted plant. Shadows on the Wall captures an image bathed in a fleeting moment of light as the sun drops towards the horizon and its rays pass through a thickened lens of atmosphere.

This artwork is part of a series of creations exploring combinations of gray-scale and color. The work is derived from a casual photo with digital filtering and digital over-painting.

The composition’s intent is for the viewer’s eye to flow from right to left across the image, ending up in the upper left quadrant where the work deliberately fades into negative space.

William House
William is an earth scientist and writer with an interest in providing the science "backstory" for breaking environmental, earth science, and climate change news.