The Gazing Ball

The Gazing Ball

Art from Archean Web: Part of the Dreamscape Series

“The eye of God examines us through a gazing ball held in his left hand”

The human imagination is a powerful force of nature. For what have we ever created that was not first imagined in the mind of the artist or inventor? Our imaginations constantly rebuild the past and reach into the future, transcending time.

Art plays on the viewers senses. The aspects of art that are shared with the viewer represent the physical expression of something already created within the artist’s mind. The meaning a viewer derives from art is unique. Art engages the viewer, allowing the physical art to merge with his or her imagination, creating a unique experience that no one else can fully replicate.

The human imagination is not limited to realism or bound by the laws of physics. It can delve into the impossible and revel in the absurd.

The original artwork, The Gazing Ball, provides a physically impossible scene. Resting in the palm of a hand, the gazing ball vibrates with light, life and color. It reflects a scene that is not congruent with the dark muted background and stylized painting of a hand. The hand and the ball are disconnected by time and space in the real world. But the human imagination has no issues bringing them together as a unified image.


This piece of art is available as giclee prints on paper or on canvas. High-resolution versions of the image above are used in the printing process and the copyright watermark is removed.

Fine art giclee prints are available through Geo Galleries along with metal and artboard prints. 

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Decorative Art through Etsy

  • 16″ x 20″ Wall Panel

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Printing in different mediums and sizes is available for some artwork:

Feature Image: The Gazing Ball – Part of the Dreamscape Series – by WM House (Copyright Archean Enterprises, LLC 2021. All Rights Reserved) 

William House
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