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View from Maryhill

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West of The Dalles on the northern banks of the Columbia River lie the orchards of Maryhill, Washington. Microclimatic conditions created by the river on one side and the steep cliffs of the gorge on the other, provide the perfect location for peach orchards. From July through September you will find the best peaches on earth at various roadside stands. Each August we make a pilgrimage to the Gunkel Orchards Fruit Stand and return with crates of peaches and jars of peach blossom honey.

Above the orchards, perched on a cliff over looking the river, is a life-size replica of Stonehenge. The structure was built as a memorial to Klickitat soldiers who died in the service to their country during WWI. The Maryhill Stonehenge Memorial was dedicated in 1918, but construction was not completed until 1929.

The artwork “View from Maryhill” is derived from photos and sketches taken from the Maryhill Museum’s open decking overlooking the Columbia River and the Maryhill Orchards below. A panoramic scene allows the viewer to take in the steep drop-off of the north-side cliffs and the orchards below. Across the river the southern cliffs of the gorge shoot upward, and beyond is an expanse encompassing the dry ecosystems of the Central Oregon deserts.

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View From Maryhill
View From Maryhill by WM House


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