West of The Dalles

West of The Dalles

Art at ArcheanWeb: Part of the Columbia River Gorge Series

The Dalles is a small city in Wasco County, Oregon, nestled in a crescent shape along the curved southern bank of the Columbia River at its confluence with the Deschutes River. Prior to European settlers arriving on the West Coast, the site of The Dalles was a major trading center for indigenous tribes. In 1838 the Wascopam Mission was established at Celilo Falls and later the US Army establish Fort Dalles on the same site as the mission. The fort eventually became the nucleus of the city.

The Dalles is also famous as one termination point along the Oregon Trail. The arriving settlers had to travel by river from there to Fort Vancouver and the Willamette Valley. This was sometimes a treacherous journey due to the numerous stretches fo rapids as the river traversed the next 50 miles through the Columbia River Gorge. During the journey west on the river, settlers passed from the barren drylands of Central Oregon into the fertile and wet Willamette Valley

The artwork, West of The Dalles, depicts a scene viewed from the grounds of the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center on the West side of the city. The view is from atop a set of low cliffs forming the southern edge of the Gorge. Here, yellow grassy slopes give way to the blues of the river. Across the river, steep cliffs form the northern wall of the Gorge. Stacked layers of weathered basalts, covered with gold and brown grasses and scrub brush create a patchwork of rusty red, orange and gold.

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West of The Dalles
West of The Dalles by WM House


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