Touch The Moon
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Touch The Moon

Art at ArcheanWeb: Part of the Dreamscapes Series

Timing is everything, and certain moments, where elements of our world align, delight us with wonder. As evening creeps towards us in the twilight of the day, a full moon sitting low in the sky appears and catches our eye. A thickened atmosphere lens amplifies the moon’s image, giving the impression it has grown in size.

The orb hangs against a darkening sky, like a polished opal lying on a velvet cushion. The mysterious impact of the moment reminds us of the reverence our ancient ancestors afforded this jewel of the night. It looks so tangibly beautiful. We reach out, and in our minds, we “Touch the Moon.”

William House
William is an earth scientist and writer with an interest in providing the science "backstory" for breaking environmental, earth science, and climate change news.