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Welcome to Art on ArcheanWeb

Original Art by WM House

Art is another way to creatively explore the world around us and understand relationships between people and the environment. Art lets us make connections, both conscious and unconscious, that can’t always be described in words. The art at ArcheanWeb originates as both digital and analog work and it is organized into collections or series. Each series explores a distinct theme.

Many of the pieces are available for purchase, and custom or commissioned products are available upon request – ArcheanArt@ArcheanWeb.com

Art Series

The West Coast Shorelines Series (Current works in progress)

The Columbia River Gorge Series (Current works in progress)

The Mountains and Streams Series (Current works in progress)

The Dreamscape Series

The Negative Expanse Series

The Cities and Towns Series

The Standing Stones Series

The British Isles Coastal Series

Negative Expanse Gallery

West Coast Shorelines Gallery 1

Northern Shorelines Gallery

Columbia River Gorge Galley 1

Columbia River Gorge Gallery 2

Dreamscapes Gallery

Mountains and Streams Gallery