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Mountains and Streams

Art at ArcheanWeb: The Mountains and Streams Series

Trips to the mountains are a favorite get-away for many of us. We find space to unwind and reset our minds amidst beautiful and everchanging scenery. The four components of the earthsphere combine in spectacular ways providing us with views both minute and panoramic. Nature has a way of providing its own art as life, water, air, and earth mingle together.

This series explores rugged mountainous terrains with a certain amount of focus on the role of streams, and rivers in carving out the exquisite views we often delight in.

Mountain Water Over Quartz
Mountain Water Over Quartz by WM House

Flowing streams spend millions of years cutting into the rock foundations of the earth. “Mountain Water Over Quartz” is a snapshot of water exposing solid bedrock shot through with veins of white quartz.

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Water and Rock
Water and Rock by WM House

Deep in the National Forest near Wenatchee Washington, flowing water and rock intertwine. 

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